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www.ckit.co.za is the Portal for the Materials Handling Industry, providing a desktop-based gateway through which the materials handling community (suppliers, designers, buyers, end-users, contractors and learners) can access the broadest possible range of information relevant to this industry and its technologies.

ckit.co.za is exploiting the potential and convenience of the internet to bring a unique Engineering Handbook to the materials handling community in South Africa and abroad.

The content of this Handbook is vast ! From design procedures and 'How to.' beginners' guides to extensive schedules, tables, design programs, calculators, troubleshooting techniques and more, ckit.co.za has carefully packaged the information in a fresh and exciting format which is 'current' and respects the need for a professional approach.


At present the Ckit Engineering Handbook is confined to the subject of belt conveyors. This will be expanded into all aspects of the materials handling industry and Ckit.co.za will be rolling out an array of other topics including pneumatic conveying, stacking and reclaiming, electrical and instrumentation, crushing, screening and packaging equipment in the same format and with the same value-driven theme and support from the materials handling community.

This Engineering Handbook is made available 24 hours per day, completely free !

Ckit.co.za's Objectives

Ckit.co.za is

NOT... A Handbook produced by non-technical individuals. In addition to our own expertise, the Ckit Engineering Handbook is able to source content from respected industry participants including turnkey contracting firms, professional engineers, internationally represented equipment suppliers, the Materials Handling Institute of South Africa, consultants and end-users of materials handling equipment, all of whom are currently engaged in this field. This ensures that users of the Handbook have direct access to highly competent information irrespective of whether they are located in the city or for example, a remote construction site.

NOT... Just another list of suppliers, although we have included a comprehensive list of participants in this Handbook including suppliers, consultants and contractors. This facility promotes networking within the 'community' and increases their level of exposure locally and internationally.

NOT... Another set of links to web sites, although we have populated the numerous sections with easy to use quick-links to the appropriate suppliers or companies, so that users can reach the appropriate parties immediately. Ckit.co.za also incorporates separate lists of suppliers, contractors and consultants.

NOT... A set of brochures and catalogues. This Handbook provides much, much more than an array of company literature and catalogue information, although our lists of catalogues and specific details from established organisations is always expanding. A consistent theme throughout the Engineering Handbook is one that comprises practical beginners' guides, technical literature, 'current' detailed information, standard schedules and tables, helpful trouble shooting assistance and so on.

NOT... A replacement for engineers, experience or expertise. On the contrary, the Handbook continually directs users to established engineering companies, their literature, their capabilities and their web sites and recommends that queries or problems be directed to knowledgeable and experienced companies and individuals, thereby expanding the client base, opportunities and accessibility for existing business.

NOT... Aligned to any particular Parties or Technologies. The power and versatility of this internet tool lies in the fact that all users are able to access the broadest possible scope of information on any topic. The 'portal' approach guarantees that no party ( i.e. supplier, consultant, contractor or brand) is favoured above another, nor is exclusivity offered. The revolution of the internet is exploited to the benefit of the broader materials handling community, enabling any individual to access details of the various industry participants, their products, their catalogues and their expertise.

NOT... Disclosing proprietary information. All information contained in this Handbook has been published previously and/or is used with the permission of the author / relevant company / party. Catalogue-type information is only added to this Handbook when the details are made available for this expressed purpose. Brochure-type literature and electronic media are used wherever possible to supplement the relevant sections of the Handbook with 'real' details rather than textbook-type generic information. This practical approach is extremely effective in bringing the user into contact with existing technology sources and component suppliers - a truly unique feature!

NOT... In competition with existing marketing and sales efforts. Rather, ckit.co.za actively supplements this effort ! Company literature often finds its way into cupboards and libraries and the individuals who need the information do not have access to it. This Engineering Handbook is accessed via the internet, is loaded onto intranets and is distributed free of charge on CD's. This means that it is literally at the finger tips of the broadest possible community, 24 hours per day.


Constructive feedback from visitors is always welcome as it assists us in tailoring the content and structure of this portal to suit the requirements of its Users. Please click here to send us your suggestions and / or comments.

We trust that you will find this portal to be informative and helpful and we hope that you will support Ckit.co.za with regular visits and by contacting us with your contributions and suggestions.