Air Supported Belt Conveyors


The layout of an air-supported belt conveyor would follow the same basic procedures and criteria as in the case of troughed-type belt conveyors. It is recommended that visitors visit the "Beginners' Guide to Troughed Belt Conveyors" to establish the basic considerations and factors affecting the correct choice of conveyor type to be used.

Basic components

The following basic componentry is required on any air-supported conveyor :-

In considering the layout of the conveyor, the overall dimensions of the conveyor must be taken into consideration as well as access requirements.

In the case of Aeroconveyors' product, access requirements are minimal and are generally used where the conveyor is elevated.

The air supply fan for the conveyor can be located conveniently at ground level.

Fans are required at intervals of approximately 350 m on any given conveyor thus, often only one fan is required per conveyor.

Support structures

The following examples of support structures are provided as an indication of the different configurations possible with Aeroconveyors (images courtesy of Aeroconveyors (Pty) Ltd ) :-

Elevated gantry; 12 m span; local enclosure of belt only; single walkway.

Overland or elevated conveyor structure; 12 m span; material totally enclosed.

Elevated gantry; 24m span; single access walkway; material totally enclosed.

Transfer points

A typical transfer point between two air supported belt conveyors is indicated below

General Arrangement

A typical air supported conveyor is shown below

All pictures courtesy of Aeroconveyor