Many extremely interesting and helpful papers have been written and presented at conferences throughout the world. Some have been published in leading magazines where they receive additional exposure but unfortunately, too many are not available to the greater interested public.

Added to these papers are case studies, reports and investigations with potentially significant technical value to individuals who may be struggling through similar technical / process difficulties. Access to documentation outlining work undertaken previously and companies or individuals who have resolved or who failed to resolve such problems, would be extremely helpful.

Feasibility studies are yet another area where there is a distinct lack of readily accessible information which the engineers, plant managers and quantity surveyors may find of assistance and value in formulating a technical and commercial evaluation of a number of alternative processes , types of equipment or in formulating a strategy for business development.

This portal aims to address this problem and to make this information available to visitors. Ckit has therefore commenced sourcing and adding papers to this section for access by our visitors. We hope that this facility will create greater awareness within the industry of the significant work that has been undertaken by individuals, companies and institutions around the world.

Wherever papers, case studies, reports etc. are used, Ckit ensures that the source and author are noted on the document and where feasible, contact details are included to enable visitors to reach the company concerned.

Ckit therefore encourages individuals and businesses to send information to us for inclusion in this section. Content need not be restricted to papers presented or high-tech articles although these are welcome. The nature of the information could be a thesis study by a student, practical resolution of a particular component failure, commentary on findings following the development/enhancing of a new process technique, financial assessment of different maintenance policies at a mine, etc. The scope of submissions should be restricted to the broader engineering field however, this should not exclude all disciplines associated with this industry.


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