Pipe vs Conventional Conveyors


A definitive cost estimate was prepared for the two systems depicted below, and the results have been tabulated. Both case studies were prepared based on identical parameters.

Conventional Conveyor

Pipe Conveyor

Comparison Table
  Cost Comparison as @ August 1999
Conventional Conveyor   Pipe Conveyor
leg 1 length lift Capacity length lift Capacity
250 m 4.5 m 1500 t.p.h. 487 m 15.0 m 1500 t.p.h.
Transfer Convr No 1 Head Station
Transfer Building & Transfer Chute
Convr No 2 Tail Station
No Transfer Station Required
leg 2 250 m 15.0 m 1500 t.p.h. Second leg not required
Mechanicals & Structures R 4.022 million R 3.20 million
Engineering & Mangement R 1.453 million R 1.411 million
Total Capital Expenditure R5.475 million R 4.611 million
O & M Cost/ton based on 2,5 million
tons / annum
R 0.71 R 0.55