The skirt plate above the belts' sidewalls should 'seal' the loading point and prevent material from leaking out of the conveyor. The clearance (f) between the top of the sidewalls and bottom of the plate should be no more than approximately 5mm. Wherever finer, dusty products are conveyed, this clearance should be reduced to as little as possible without the belt rubbing on the skirt plate.

The length of this skirt plate should be such as to protrude at least 1,0m beyond the front edge of the feed chute (1) or two full pitches of the cleats, whichever is the greater.

Similarly, the skirt plate should overhang the back of the feed chute (f2) by at least 1 full pitch of the cleats or 0,5m whichever is greater. The skirt plate width (w1) should be wide enough to ensure that even in the event of mistracking, the plate covers the two sidewalls. Thus the width of the plate should be approximately equal to the width of the base belt.