Pocket Conveyors


This section of the Ckit Handbook deals specifically with 'pocket' or 'sidewall' type belt conveyors and includes information such as instruction for beginners, features and design considerations of pocket belt conveyors plus details of the suppliers and their respective literature about pocket conveyor technology.

Pocket-type belt conveyors, like Sandwich conveyors are used to transport products in bulk up inclines of 30 to 90 degrees. The pocket conveyor is employed extensively on many different applications.

Examples of pocket belt conveyor installations include ship unloaders transporting product vertically at rates of 2 500 tph and belt speeds of 3.5 m/s; 200 m high single-flight shaft conveyors transporting material at 300 tph.

Pocket conveyors comprise reasonably standard conveyor components and their design follows widely accepted design principles. Variations in the detailed design of some components and the inclusion of certain features by some suppliers, is understood to be the criteria which distinguishes one suppliers' product from another.

In this regard, pocket-type conveyors are sometimes considered to be the proprietary equipment of certain Suppliers. The Ckit Handbook provides as much technical information and content as is permitted by the various Suppliers and should visitors find that some details are missing, the technology holders should be contacted for assistance.

The Ckit Handbook provides technical information and literature regarding this type of conveyor with the expressed intent of informing visitors about the design, features, capabilities and possible applications for pocket belt conveyors.

Metso Minerals (Moers) GmbH, Product Group FLEXOWELL


Basics. Anatomy of different pocket conveyors. Applications. Design parameters. Features and benefits. Brochures. Papers. Trouble shooting guide. Reference installations. Contact information.


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