Sandwich Conveyors


This section of the Ckit Handbook deals specifically with 'sandwich' type belt conveyors and includes information such as instruction for beginners, features and design considerations of sandwich belt conveyors plus details of the suppliers and their respective literature about sandwich conveyor technology.

DSI Sandwich Conveyor

Sandwich-type belt conveyors satisfy a specific niche market or function namely, the transportation of bulk materials at inclines of up to 90 degrees, using mainly conventional troughed belt conveyor componentry and design procedures.

Alternative steep angle conveying technology would include pocket or sidewall type conveyors. Visitors can find out more about these conveyors by selecting the appropriate tag at the top of your screen.

As with the other belt conveyor technologies included in this Handbook, the sandwich conveyor technology has proven to be reliable and versatile.

The Ckit Handbook provides technical information and literature regarding this type of conveyor with the expressed intent of informing visitors about the history, developments and technical capability of sandwich-type belt conveyors.

Sandwich conveyors are considered to be proprietary equipment of certain Suppliers. In this regard, the Ckit Handbook provides as much technical information and content as is permitted by the various Suppliers and should detail be missing, the technology holders should be contacted for additional information.


Beginners' guide. Anatomy of different sandwich conveyors. Applications. Design parameters. Features and benefits. Brochures. Papers. Trouble shooting guide. Reference installations. Contact information.


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