Introduction to Sicon Conveyors

Sicon belt conveyors offer an efficient means of transporting materials in bulk along extraordinarily complicated conveying routes. The unique design offers flexibility in the selection of a conveying route plus features including two-way conveying, multiple loading and multiple discharge stations.

The Sicon belt encloses the material in its pear-shaped belt and in so doing, provides an environmentally safe means of moving difficult or troublesome products without the need for transfer points. The return belt, whether empty or carrying material, is also 'closed' and thus spillage in both conveying directions is eliminated.

As will be seen below, Sicon conveyors are only one of the types of belt conveyors available in the market today and their use is usually based on specific requirements or needs which can only be completely satisfied by the Sicon.

Unlike for example troughed belt conveyors, the Sicon conveyor is a proprietary product which is sold throughout the world via appointed Agents.

The Sicon is also a patented product.

For completeness, this Handbook has included such information as has been approved by Sicon Roulunds AB in the interests of providing our clients with comprehensive information regarding the bulk materials handling field as a whole. For specific information and further details, contact your local Agent or Sicon Sweden.

As a general note to this section of the Ckit Handbook, it is important to draw distinction between 'bulk handling' of materials and 'unit handling'. The former refers to the transportation of particulate product(s) on a continuous basis for example, the conveying of lumpy ore from a mine to a processing plant or for transporting coal from a stockyard to a bunker above a crusher.

'Unit handling' on the other hand is generally described as discontinuous as this involves the transportation of for example, packed boxes, filled bags of cement and so forth.

Sicon conveyors as described in this Handbook, refers to conveyors which are used to convey products in bulk.