Sicon Conveyors


This section of the Ckit Handbook deals specifically with 'Sicon' belt conveyors and includes information regarding the layout, capabilities and potential applications for Sicon conveyors.

The 'Sicon' conveyor is a Swedish invention whose patents are held by Sicon Roulunds AB of Sweden.

Unlike many other types of conveyors, the Sicon conveyor is proprietary equipment and as such, the level of detailed information made available for the compilation of this section of the Ckit Handbook has been limited intentionally, in consultation with Sicon Roulunds AB.

Notwithstanding this, the information provided enables the visitor to assess the technology and to gain an understanding of the features and capabilities of this conveyor in order to compare the Sicon with alternative types of belt conveyor technologies, while at the same time respecting Sicon's confidentiality requirements.

There have been more than 110 Sicon Conveyors installed throughout the world in the last 10 years and this conveyor has established itself as a bulk materials handling conveyor for niche applications.

For these reasons this section has been included in the Ckit Handbook. Additional information not covered in this section should be obtained by the local representative or from Sicon Roulunds in Sweden.


Anatomy of the Sicon conveyor. Applications. Design parameters. Features and benefits. Brochures. Papers. Trouble shooting guide. Reference installations. Contact information.


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