Troughed Belt Conveyors


This section of the Ckit Handbook deals specifically with 'troughed' belt conveyors and includes information for beginners, detailed conveyor design and component information.

The troughed belt conveyor is probably the most widely used and well known conveyor design of all types of belt conveyors.

The troughed belt conveyor has proven to be a reliable and versatile conveyor in many applications and is probably more forgiving than most other types of conveyors when exposed to adverse operating conditions.

Bateman 15.6 km overland conveyor

Improved technology supporting the design of conveyor systems together with innovations in component design and a better understanding of the dynamics prevalent in conveyor belts during operation, have propelled troughed belt conveyors into broader applications and higher conveying capacities.

It is imperative that designers, users and learners are kept informed of the latest developments in the field of conveyors, and the associated technical and economic benefits which these technologies hold for the end-user.


An overview of troughed belt conveyors, a beginners guide to belt conveyor design, detailed design of conveyors, design considerations and parameters, component selection criteria, technical literature, calculators, standard design practices, trouble shooting guides, suppliers' data, tables.


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