Legal Assistance


In the course of conducting business there is sometimes the need to call on assistance or guidance from legal entities for example, where contracts are drawn up, where patents are registered and where clients' contractual terms and conditions may need clarification.

This section of the Ckit portal provides links to a number of legal firms where assistance can be obtained or advise sought on a range of topics.

At present this section is under construction and information is limited although some links to such legal firms have been provided at this time. It is however intended that in our discussions with firms offering legal services that a more comprehensive offering will be made available.

It is also intended that companies such as end-users as well as turnkey contractors and the like, will make available, their standard contractual conditions so that in the absence of copies of this documentation, sub-contractors and contractors may obtain the details via this internet facility. Alternatively contact information guiding users to where such information may be obtained from companies, would provide a short-term solution.

To this end Ckit is endeavoring to secure the much-needed involvement of industry in order to make available 'standard' documentation / information in support of suppliers and contractors in the industry.


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