Travel / Accommodation / Foreign Exchange


Visitors to this portal generally include people engaged in the engineering field both locally and internationally. Travel, accommodation and / or foreign exchange arrangements are often necessary where individuals embark on business trips and thus, Ckit has included the facility for the community supporting and using this portal, for their convenience.

Examples or instances where travelling and accommodation services are used extend to frequent travel between head offices and construction sites, branch offices and head offices and so on. Clearly many companies have established long-term contracts with travel and accommodation firms and Ckit has no intention of becoming involved in these arrangements, nor in potential future arrangements. It is however important for Ckit to ensure that our visitors can access these travel, accommodation and foreign exchange firms easily via this one-stop portal.

Not all companies' staff travel frequently. Where such arrangements are arranged on an ad-hoc basis therefore, it is even important that firms are represented here.

Ckit therefore invites companies to become involved in this portal in order for our visitors to link through to your web sites or to local offices, where additional assistance can be obtained.

To register, please complete and submit the form below.


By registering to be included on this portal your company will receive the following :-

  1. Your company logo will be included in this section of 'Courier Services'.

  2. A click-through link will be provided whereby visitors can select your company and will be routed directly to you.

The costs to register with Ckit is R 500.00 per month excluding VAT, payable in advance.

Discounts for quarterly and yearly registration are available - contact Ckit to discuss.

Travel / Accommodation / Foreign Exchange Registration Form

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